Alarming data – the debt of young Poles is growing

Unfortunately, it is sad to mention this, but most young people in Poland are starting a new adult life in debt . It’s hard to admit, but it costs a lot of youth and life in the modern world. Unfortunately, according to the data of one of the most popular databases, BIG Infomonitor, but also BIK, the number of young people who enter adulthood with debts increases every year.

It is worth considering where it comes from. Well, probably from the cult of a young and resilient body promoted by most press. In addition, most young people want to improve their skills, which is why they want to graduate and do various courses. Without it, they have little chance of getting a good job that would bring good earnings.


Low earnings and above-standard life

Low earnings and above-standard life

Unfortunately, most young people enjoy a new job, but they do not take into account the fact that at the beginning their earnings may not be adequate to their needs. Most young people have to reconcile work with studies and various courses, and if it wasn’t for their parents’ help, they wouldn’t have any money for entertainment.

At this point it is worth mentioning that this is only a student spending option – it is different if a young person wants to start their own family and become independent. It’s just difficult to talk about a car loan, apartment, study and additional training.


High level of indebtedness of young Poles

indebtedness of young Poles

Unfortunately, not only credits and loans, but also other obligations are later imposed on young Poles. You also have to remember about unpaid bills, maintenance and non-bank obligations – including quick online loans as proof. At present, Poles already have nearly 5 billion debts.

It is obvious that not everyone can be thrown into one bag. Unfortunately, many young people do not yet have basic knowledge about financial matters. They are glad that they started work and set up a bank account. They casually agree to the assumptions of a credit card, but they do not know what are the rules for its use. All this later leads to unpleasant financial consequences.


Disturbing BIK data

debt problem

According to the latest Credit Information Bureau, despite the fact that the debt ratio fell, the increased debt. Borrowers in this age group are less than 10 years ago, but together they have more debt. Over half a million Poles up to 24 years old have almost 7 billion zlotys to pay.

Only a decade ago, young people had a total debt of PLN 2 billion. Over the past 10 years, the ratio of past due loans increased by over 90 days.

Unfortunately, the increase in this indicator is largely associated with flexible forms of employment. This, in turn, is related to the fact that young people are not sure of employment. In one month they can earn, and in another leave without income.


What creates mainly the debt of young people?

debt for young

Unfortunately, as much as seventy percent of the debt of young people is caused by consumer loans. In addition, remember about widely available credit cards that give you quick access to cash at any time of the day or night.

For purely financial reasons, the smallest percentage of debt is caused by mortgage and housing loans. Unfortunately, most people between the ages of 18 and 34 do not have the conditions to take such a loan themselves and most often still live with their parents.

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