Payday loan debt consolidation -Discover us and get the best consolidation loan

Payday loan debt consolidation -Discover us and get the best consolidation loan

Discover us and get the best consolidation loan Combining loans can significantly reduce your loan interest and costs when done correctly. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start combining loans. We’ve listed below 4 tips for combining loans to help you find the best loan combination and get the best value […]

Consolidation loans

The consolidation loan ensures a lower capital and interest installment, which is a lower monthly burden on the household budget. There is also the other darker side of this solution, i.e. a longer loan period and a commission for granting a consolidation loan. It should be remembered that a longer loan period means a higher […]

Loans without verification in the database of debtors

Once, when non-bank companies entered the financial market, all we needed to obtain a loan was a certificate of income or pension or retirement pension. And that was enough. Technology, however, has advanced a lot, we are no longer as anonymous as we used to, we are found in various databases. Our debt history Also […]

Alarming data – the debt of young Poles is growing

Unfortunately, it is sad to mention this, but most young people in Poland are starting a new adult life in debt . It’s hard to admit, but it costs a lot of youth and life in the modern world. Unfortunately, according to the data of one of the most popular databases, BIG Infomonitor, but also […]

When can a bank refuse a hypothetical loan?

Moving decision made. Hundreds of properties viewed and selected from among them are the one and only dream apartment. Most people feel excited at the thought of a new apartment. Even those who do not like moving, packing and unpacking will confirm that buying a property is a truly unforgettable experience. Once the apartment has […]

Why do not the current MRP interest rates match the interest rate environment?

What many experts and consumers have hardly dared to hope for, seems now at least in some banks. Indeed, some credit institutions have lowered their discretionary interest rates, which is explained by experts above all by the ECB’s recent reduction of the prime rate. However, in particular consumer advocates continue to criticize the still on […]

You didn’t get a loan? You may not know through the GDPR

When applying for a loan, every customer counts on obtaining a positive bank decision. It happens that we get a refusal. We do not always know what the reason is due to the introduced Act on GDPR. The credit decision is taken fully automatically, the reason will be known However, if the decision prepared by […]

A few steps to the loan

A housing loan will not be granted to us overnight, even if at first glance we meet all the criteria to receive it. Although it is necessary to prepare well for a loan well in advance, it is not as difficult as it may seem. Instead of wondering if you have a chance for a […]